Monday, April 28, 2014

Netiquette - 10 Basic Mistakes That Your Spell Checker Will Never Catch - Via Netiquette IQ

In my book, "Netiquette IQ - A Comprehensive  Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email", I espouse using both your spell checker and your own re-read to make sure your email goes our properly. Any of the mistakes listed below could be embarrassing - or worse!

10 Mistakes That Your Spell Checker Will Never Catch

By Richard Nordquist April 25, 2014
  1. All Ready and Already
    The phrase all ready means completely prepared. Already is an adverb meaning previously or by this time.
    "The children have already gone to the bathroom, and so now we're all ready to leave."
 All Together and Altogether
  1. The phrase all together refers to people or things gathered in one place. The adverb altogether means entirely or wholly.
    "When 50 Elvis impersonators appeared all together at Windsor Palace, the queen observed that this was 'altogether inappropriate.'"
 Baited and Bated
  1. A hook, witness, or animal is baited (lured, enticed, tempted). Breath is bated (moderated).
    "She baited him with leading questions and then waited with bated breath for a reply."
 Cite and Site
  1. The verb cite means to mention or quote as an authority or example. The noun site means a particular place.
    "Using MLA style, how do I cite articles from online sites?"
 Complement and Compliment
  1. Complement means something that completes or brings to perfection. A compliment is an expression of praise.
    "When he said that the silk scarf complemented my outfit, I took it as a compliment."
 Discreet and Discrete
  1. The adjective discreet means tactful or prudent self-restraint. Discrete means distinct or separate.
    "Though my partner and I worked in discrete units of the organization, we had to keep our relationship discreet."
 Formally and Formerly
  1. The adverb formally means in a formal way. The adverb formerly means at an earlier time.
    "In 1992, Serbia and Montenegro issued a declaration formally dissolving the nation formerly known as Yugoslavia."
 Lightening and Lightning
  1. The noun lightening means making lighter in weight or changing to a lighter or brighter color. Lightning is the flash of light that accompanies thunder.
    "After lightening our load by discarding the lifeboats, the ship was struck by lightning."
 Prescribe and Proscribe
  1. The verb prescribe means to establish, direct, or lay down as a rule. The verb proscribe means to ban, forbid, or condemn.
    "When the Food and Drug Administration proscribed Laetrile, it meant that no doctor lawfully could prescribe it." (James J. Kilpatrick)
      Stationary and Stationery
The adjective stationary means remaining in one place. The noun stationery refers to writing materials. "Now that the old bookmobile is stationary, we'll have to purchase new stationery."

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