Thursday, May 1, 2014

Netiquette IQ - Tabula Rosa Newsletter and Our New Podcast on May 3rd

Safend Data Protection from WAVE; Innovative Company Culture a workshop with Frank Wander May 15th; from the Netiquette IQ blog: Three Types of Email, and an interview with the "landing expert," Alex Freund, a career and interviewing coach.

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A special thank you to David Schuchman for his MailChimp expertise.

Safend Data Protection Suite

Complete Visibility, 

Control and Protection

More than 60 percent of corporate data lives not on servers but on laptops, tablets, and other vulnerable devices. That’s right: the usual server-oriented gateway solutions and written (i.e. easy to ignore) security policies won’t cover even half of your data—or your butt.
The Wave alternative is to guard each individual endpoint. Our Safend Data Protection Suite goes wherever your devices go, on or off your network, online or offline. Which means it protects your data from the full range of modern risks: device theft, missent emails, flash drives, portable hot spots … even (and no other product can say this) hardware keyloggers. All the stuff your nightmares are made of. And it’s managed with a single console.
  • Finalist, “Best Data Loss Prevention,” 2012 SC Magazine Award
  • Winner,  2012 Global Excellence Awards in endpoint security
  • Five stars from SC Magazine
  • Multiple industry certifications
Compliance made 
Safend Data Protection Suite enforces security policies automatically. Careless or just plain busy end users can’t ignore the rules. It even comes with security policies preconfigured to meet PCI, HIPAA, SOX, and other regulations. And with its array of logs and reporting tools, proof of compliance can be as easy as printing out a report.

Built in-house for better performance and stability

Unlike competing products (Symantec’s, McAfee’s), ours is built entirely in-house—not with third-party components that leave multiple softwares running in the background. So your machines won’t slow down or, worse, crash.

All at a price you can live with

Partly because we keep it simple, Safend Data Protection Suite costs less than competing products. For example, its single-agent architecture means that you can add any module in the suite without adding more software to run it. You just buy the license and turn it on. And of course we give you a deal when you buy the whole suite.
Not convinced you need us? We invite you to download Auditor at no charge. It can be an eye-opener.

Data mapping

Safend Discoverer

Find out where you’re vulnerable: locate and map stored data. The need for new security measures will quickly become apparent. Discoverer is the only such tool that’s managed with a single console. More

Data loss prevention

Safend Inspector

For the age of the mobile device, an affordable, truly custom solution to content control, whether users are on or off the company network, online or offline. Preconfigured security policies make compliance automatic. More

Reliable encryption

Safend Encryptor 

Laptops are easy to lose or steal. With Encryptor, any sensitive data on them (or on your desktops, for that matter) can’t be read by the wrong people. So a lost laptop is just a lost laptop—not a news story. More

Endpoint monitoring

Safend Protector 

By logging every movement of data in and out of your organization, Protector makes everything your people are doing with their devices 100 percent visible. It’s built-in accountability. More

Security compliance

Safend Reporter 

Reporter identifies common security breaches—and gives you the analysis you need to make sense of them. It also makes compliance as easy as sending a email or clicking “print.” More

BYOD security

Safend Mobile Protection

Custom, content-aware policies help you prevent sensitive information from leaking through unsecured mobile devices. Safend Mobile Protection blocks emails with sensitive data from being delivered to mobile devices.
For more information, call Tabula Rosa Systems at 609-818-1802, or email

May 15, 2014

How to Create an Innovative Culture

Innovate or Perish. Every firm now faces daunting challenges: Cloud, Mobile, Social Media, Big Data, Security and an Employee Disengagement Crisis. Some are even calling this the end of business as we know it!
At this half-day workshop you will learn how to avoid becoming a casualty.
This is an Interactive Leadership Workshop Led by Frank Wander, Author of Transforming IT Culture
Space is Limited. 
Please Click Here to Reserve Your Seat Now.

Three Types of Email

Writing effective and proper emails, utilizing good Netiquette, necessitate an understanding of what type of email one is writing. The following represent several of these.

Every email can be categorized into arguably, at least ten unique types.  All of these share common Netiquette principles.  Additionally, there are unique attributes and particulars which are specific to each category.  As such, insuring proper adherence and optimizing best practices within each mail type insures the best possible results.  There are obvious differences, attributes and nuances for each and these will be discussed in this section.

1)  Personal – Clearly this type of email allows for the greatest flexibility, particularly with immediate family.  Moreover, this type of email tolerates the greatest range of Netiquette interpretation.  Despite allowing for exceptions these should not go so far as to affect and carry over into authoring other more formal and structured compositions.  Remember the rule of “composing emails consistently.”  The composer of personal emails should, at a minimum, keep within the basic rules of Netiquette. In a personal email, the salutation, body, closing and signature can accommodate the most flexibility.

2)  Introductory – This category of email can be a personal, business or solicitation form.  By its very name, the usual common thread is that it is a first time message and might very well be one that is not expected by the recipient.  Therefore, special attention must be given to the subject line and first paragraph in order to a) be opened; b) be read; and c) be effective.

In terms of the subject line, an attention producing or recognizable description is very important, particularly if the sendee has no reason to open the communication from seeing the user’s name, organization or cc receipts.  For example, if the message is referral precipitated, the person should be mentioned in the subject line such as:

“John Brown suggested I contact you”

“Our mutual friend John Brown”

If there is not a common thread, a short and pertinent subject title is very important.

The first paragraph of an introductory message should get straight to the issue.  If there is a referral, the party should be mentioned right away:

“My name is Sam Smith. We have not previously met and the reason for this email is Jane Brown suggested I contact you."  Any amenities can be done later.  Keep the overall email short and purposeful.  State a next step or action and specifically give the recipient a convenient way to reply.

3) Emotive - These types of email express some sort of emotion ranging from congratulatory to ones of sympathy.  These can be personal, business or informative.  They might be addressed to a single individual or to an entire company.  Similar to the introductory email, these should be brief and provide for an explanation or purpose of the email in the first sentence or paragraph.  Any niceties or supplemental information can be added after this.  Keeping the message on key is usually the most appropriate and most adherent to Netiquette.  Requests for replies are usually not appropriate.

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5/3 (Noon) EST
Alex Freund
Known as the "landing expert," Alex is an effective and successful career and interviewing coach. He is prominent in several on- and off-line job-search networking groups, conducts workshops on effective resume development and use of LinkedIn in the job-search process, teaches a career development seminar, and publishes a blog designed especially for job seekers.

5/10 (Noon) EST
Gene Salvadore
Founder, President and CEO of Convergent Search Group, Inc., and Managing Director of CompuSearch of Cranberry brings with him more than a decade of engineering sales and executive search experience including prior employment within the Management Recruiter International network. Gene has worked comprehensively with clients throughout the United States building national sales and sales engineering teams focused upon network and enterprise systems providers. Utilizing his extensive contacts throughout the industry and strategic partnerships with other key recruiters who similarly specialize in his area of expertise, he possesses a unique understanding of the key players and the specifics of their highly sophisticated product offerings.

5/17 (Noon) EST
Wanda Ellett
FounderG45 Consulting, a certified Minority-Woman owned, privately held firm dedicated to providing outstanding service for their clients.  Their team consists of energetic solution driven professionals, spanning many industries, specializing in Technology and Finance.