Saturday, June 21, 2014

Netiquette IQ - 9 Core Reasons Not to Keep Email Drafts

Virtually every email user , from time to time, closes their email software with unsent messages. Many, if not most, programs will keep unsent messages as drafts. Some users will save messages as drafts with the intention of adding something not readily available, needing to pause, delaying a message containing bad news or even to prevent sending the email in haste or anger. Some users will keep drafts for a long time. In many, if not most, instances it is not useful to do so. Here is a list of specific items which can cause problems by having draft mails.

Time sensitive information may cease to be relevant
Incomplete messages may inadvertently be sent
Potential recipients may be excluded
Irrelevant recipients may still be included
Spelling checks may not be done
New information of benefit will be omitted
Whoever receives the message may be slighted because of the delay
The message might be mistakenly deleted or lost
You may end up sending two messages on the same topic!

If you find yourself needing to keep a draft, make sure you have the recipient fields blank so that you will not inadvertently send the incomplete, possibly damaging email. If there is any doubt you may be sending the message two or more times, make sure you check on this. Again, good Netiquette has good processes and habits at its core.

Keep good Netiquette by maintaining appropriate good processes of your mailbox, checking often for any drafts and completing them or discarding them.
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