Sunday, June 15, 2014

Netiquette - Six of The most Confusing Words in English Which Can Ruin Meaing in an Email

The following six words are confused by so many of us that I wanted to put them in one place, defining each of them. These will obviously not be picked up by a spellchecker. Try to put each one into practice until you are comfortable with them.

Emigration or immigration?

Emigration is the word to use when leaving your native or residence country.  

Immigration is the is the state of arriving in a new country
Eminent, preeminent, imminent or immanent?

Eminent, means esteemed, famous illustrious or generally highly-regarded. 

Preeminent  is defined as most highly-regarded.

Imminent means nearby, inevitable or about to occur. 

     Immanent is defined as common, throughout or prevailing 
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