Friday, June 20, 2014

Ten Core Netiquette Basics For Striving to Receive Compliments - Via Netiquette IQ


Strive For Compliments When Sending Email!

Remember when you have been complimented on a skill, hobby or other aspect of your activities?  It always feels great.  Email should not be an exception to this.  Not only is it a personal boost, but it is also a way to achieve better results in your communications.  All email senders want to be understood.  Similarly, most want to be complimented or at least feel that their messages are appreciated, well-received, opened and read.  Be mindful of the emails you send. Here are 12 core principals to follow. Add more of your own if you feel this to be appropriate. Implementing these principals should bring about a discernible increase in compliments, return messages and furthering of your goals.
  1. Pay attention to detail
  2. Reread your email from the perspective of how you would want to see it
  3. Be upbeat and enthusiastic
  4. If explaining something, verify the answer can be understood from any viewpoint
  5. Allow more detail when sending overseas or to strangers – avoid acronyms, colloquialisms and jokes
  6. Clearly separate questions from answers – Reread these and judge if the answers are clear
  7.  Request a response verifying receipt
  8. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, write a follow up note (clearly state you are just making sure the email was delivered)
  9. Do not express overt disappointments or admonish the email receiver for failure to reply, brief answers or  Netiquette mistakes
  10. Encourage next steps
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