Friday, October 10, 2014

Netiquette Core Concepts For Dating Email Via Netiquette IQ

Dating email requires sound thinking and balance. Just as in a business email, a single word or phrase can derail forever any opportunity to move forward with your friend. Also keep in mind that what begins as a simple email might end up being a lifetime fulfillment.

Follow all basic Netiquette rules! They are all over this blog site or in my book, "Netiquette IQ - A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance, and Add Power to Your Email". It is essential that simple items such as emoticons, abbreviations, spelling, and format are handled properly. More advanced areas to avoid are:

Do not overstate the obvious
Do not brag about accomplishments
Do not discuss money
Avoid jokes on the initial emails
Never bring up politics
Do not respond too quickly, respond back from between 24-36 hours
Respond during normal times time of polite correspondence, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Never make assumptions
Do not make unnecessary apologies
Do not comment on other on-line dating experiences
Do not make any references or innuendos to adult language or conduct

The number one, most important rule of date email Netiquette is to never exaggerate or prevaricate! Sooner or later, if a relationship begins to develop and grow, the truth will prevail.

Remember . . . 
  Diamonds are forever, email comes close.
-- Jane Kronholz

There are other categories of email which share some similarities of dating email. These concern social situations such as applications for membership in a group or organization, introductory letters outside of business and certain solicitations.

As much as any other aspect of email, tone is very critical. Also, in my opinion, being yourself is as well. Try to develop an "ethos" or consistent way to express yourself in a balanced and objectified way. You want the person you are communicating with to receive a message that is you. All of the dos and don’ts are really just a vehicle to make that happen. 
Good Netiquette to All!

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