Sunday, October 5, 2014

Netiquette Essentials For The Cc and Bcc Recipient Fields - Via Netiquette IQ

Adding Cc and Bcc recipients

 It may be obvious to a sender who needs to be included in the Cc or Bcc fields. However, once a communication thread or a string of emails begins, there should be consideration and caution for adding to or deleting from the recipients. The most common Netiquette lapse is to hit a reply selection rather than a reply to all. The assumption should be made that the sender intended to have, at least, an initial response for all addressees. An obvious example of this would be a scheduling inquiry to a group. Clearly, if a reply is given to only one of a group, the results are likely to cause confusion or worse. If an omission to a reply is detected, the sender should resend the mail properly and excuse the omission.

        Many recipients of an email will indiscriminately add or remove senders either to a Cc or a Bcc list. This behavior is not dissimilar to bringing an uninvited associate to an event. To act in this way necessitates either having the authority to do so or a reason that will be beneficial. Should the latter situation arise, proper Netiquette is to make sure new additions are approved and announced. Furthermore, if there are threats to remove, perhaps for security or redundancy purposes, this should be done so with proper considerations and permissions. A Bcc deserves careful consideration, particularly when interjected after a string of messages has begun. There may be reasons or circumstances when this is important, but to do this bears careful consideration and an explanation in a different email. Consider forwarding such a message as well. This allows for an explanation and is marginally more aboveboard.
Good Netiquette to all!
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