Monday, November 7, 2016

Netiquette IQ Special Blog For 11/7/16 - Get out and vote!

Special Message for all voters!

We’re less than 85 hours away from polls opening on Election Day -- it’s getting real, paul!

As we get closer to Election Day and folks make a plan to vote, sometimes questions can arise: Wondering what you need to bring to the polls? Have a friend or family member who is a first-time voter? Wondering where your polling place is or when polls open?

The team here at HFA is on standby to help you out. Here's where you can ask your questions and get answers ASAP:
  • Twitter: Tweet us your questions and tag @HFA
  • Chat with us on Facebook Messenger: Ask us anything about voting right from your phone, and we’ll get you an answer!
  • Leave us a comment on our Facebook Page.
  • Text: send "QUESTION" to 47246 and we’ll follow up.
The team is ready and waiting to help. We're going to make it as easy as possible for folks to get the answers they need to vote.

Got a few friends who might need some help? Share this on Facebook now and let them know about their options: