Monday, April 21, 2014

Netiquette - Core Netiquette Attributes of a Very Formal Email - Via Netiquette IQ

We all know that different email categories have characteristics which are appropriate to them. The more formal an email is, the more careful you need to be with insuring you will not cause damage to your email so that you are not, for example, disqualified from a job or fail to secure a contract. Here is a list of attributes a very formal email should include. 
Core Netiquette Attributes of a Very Formal Email

1.          Proper names in the From Field
2.          Appropriate formatting of the Subject Field
3.          Two to eight words in the Subject Field
4.          A salutation with a title Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr. or other correct address
5.          Do not begin an email or any paragraph with the pronoun “I”
6.          Clearly title attachments and refer to their content in the first or second part of the email
7.          Maintain proper email formatting – See (Netiquette IQ A Comprehensive Guide to Improve, Enhance and Add Power to Your Email, or other quality reference work) for guidance
8.          Refrain from any small talk completely
9.          Check for tone in the best way available
10.       Have a formal sign off (Sincerely, Respectfully)

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