Thursday, April 24, 2014

Netiquette IQ - Tabula Rosa Newsletter and Our New Podcast on April 26th

Infoblox for Network Control; Innovative Company Culture a workshop with Frank Wander May 15th; from the Netiquette IQ blog: Tone in an Email, and an interview with IT professional David Schuchman about successful Job Search guidelines.

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Tabula Rosa Systems (TRS) is dedicated to providing Best of Breed Technology and Best of Class Professional Services to our Clients.  TRS offers product design, implementation and support services on all products that we represent. Additionally, TRS provides expertise in Network AnalysiseBusiness, Application ProfilingePolicy and eBusiness Troubleshooting.

A special thank you to David Schuchman for his MailChimp expertise.


Why Infoblox is Essential

When most of the IP networks used in business today were designed, no one could have imagined the number of connected devices, the volume of traffic, or the nature of security threats that these networks would be required to handle and the problem is only getting bigger.  With demand increasing, security attacks becoming more sophisticated, and complex new protocols like IPv6 on the way, organizations must prepare.
Infoblox (NYSE: BLOX) is the leader in Automated Network Control. Unlike traditional networks which are manual, fragile and vulnerable–Infoblox technologies make essential services of the modern network (such as DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management), automated, resilient and performing at their highest levels.

Infoblox Products Overview
Infoblox products are built to meet the demands of the modern network. Designed to be highly available, secure and automated, Infoblox offers enterprise grade solutions for network control.
  • DNS & DHCP Core Services
  • IP Address Management (IPAM)
  • Network Automation
  • Infrastructure Security
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May 15, 2014

How to Create an Innovative Culture

Innovate or Perish. Every firm now faces daunting challenges: Cloud, Mobile, Social Media, Big Data, Security and an Employee Disengagement Crisis. Some are even calling this the end of business as we know it!
At this half-day workshop you will learn how to avoid becoming a casualty.
This is an Interactive Leadership Workshop Led by Frank Wander, Author of Transforming IT Culture
Space is Limited. 
Please Click Here to Reserve Your Seat Now.


It is a subject which arises more and more frequently. It is appropriate to present it again. Many of the blog entries produced here are focused upon the tangible elements within an email. These would include fields, spelling, attachments and many more. Collectively, all of these contribute to the quality, readability and clarity of our emails.

However, no matter how perfect an email may be structurally, if the tone is not conveyed or interpreted correctly, an email might produce negative results.

Perhaps the best insight into this was described by Nicholas Epley (
University of Chicago) and Prof. Justin Kruger (New York University) in a study published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, December 2005.Epley and Kruger discovered that not only were the receivers of the e-mails overconfident about their understanding of the message's tone, but the senders were as well. About 78% of the senders thought that the receiver would correctly interpret the tone of their email message. Some of professor Epley's other conclusions were "People in our study were convinced they've accurately understood the tone of an e-mail message when in fact their odds are no better than chance (58%)." and "People often think the tone or emotion in their messages is obvious because they 'hear' the tone they intend in their head as they write." The research also maintained that recipients believe they've correctly interpreted the tone 90% of the time!

We should all be careful of our tone and do everything possible to accomplish the delivery and effect we intend. This particularly is true for those writing to others outside their, demographics, country or culture. Future blogs will elaborate upon optimizing the accuracy of tone for each message an email sender composes.

David Schuchman

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4/26 (Noon) EST
David Schuchman
Information Technology professional with a passion for software applications development and systems integration.  He is the current Executive Chair of the Public Service Group of Mercer County, a volunteer led community program providing networking opportunities and enrichment seminars for professionals in a transition who are seeking new employment opportunities or exploring new career paths. 

5/3 (Noon) EST
Alex Freund
Known as the “landing expert,” Alex is an effective and successful career and interviewing coach. He is prominent in several on- and off-line job-search networking groups, conducts workshops on effective resume development and use of LinkedIn in the job-search process, teaches a career development seminar, and publishes a blog designed especially for job seekers.

5/10 (Noon) EST
Gene Salvadore
Founder, President and CEO of Convergent Search Group, Inc., and Managing Director of CompuSearch of Cranberry brings with him more than a decade of engineering sales and executive search experience including prior employment within the Management Recruiter International network. Gene has worked comprehensively with clients throughout the United States building national sales and sales engineering teams focused upon network and enterprise systems providers. Utilizing his extensive contacts throughout the industry and strategic partnerships with other key recruiters who similarly specialize in his area of expertise, he possesses a unique understanding of the key players and the specifics of their highly sophisticated product offerings.