Thursday, May 28, 2015

Netiquette Core Generational Words - They Are Important! A Blog From Netiquette IQ

 In any electronic communications, there usually emerge subtleties which can make a difference in the way an email or message is perceived by the recipient. A key to understanding this and the negative effect just a few words can convey is to be ware of generational words and phrases. In my forthcoming book, noted below, I elaborate on this extensively.

One of the key areas that this is important is with job seeking and the older candidate. One of my theories is that it isn't always a person's age that employers are concerned about, it is whether a person will simply fit in. This image can be formed by words that people use. 

Therefore, I have compiled the matrix below to assist people from different generation communicate better!

"TODAY is the PAST of your FUTURE. So, make TODAY count for the sake of your HISTORY. Use your words, time and choices wisely."
—Fela Durotoye
Including the fact that you have a code of ethics in an employment email makes for a really compelling statement. This will usually be a positive. Be prudent in mentioning it.
According to the bureau of Age Statistics, 20 percent of the US workforce is over the age of fifty-five. In many cases, when someone younger is hired, it isn’t the recruiter or hiring manager who doesn’t want to hire you; it is often due to there being a concern of your fitting in and group chemistry. Good Netiquette encourages learning the vernacular of the industry, technology and company, and learning about generations younger than your own. A few select words in your communications can convey the tone of viability to be a positive and valuable asset in your job.
What follows is a matrix of some common keywords that have persisted throughout the generations as well as ones whose prevalence has waned or will be short lived.
Multigenerational Words
Dated Words
Overtly Millennial
basic, or rapid, person or activity
core competency
Anything to do with the company Apple
cool (to be used with caution in business contexts)
deep dive
Anything that has do with “tech speak”
déjà vu
beach head
game changer
bizmeth (business methodology)
buy in
close the loop
outside of the box
paradigm (shift)
DM (direct message or twitter)
ewords (i.e., ezine, elibrary)
social media
no worries
out of pocket
team player


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